Do you often put everyone else’s needs before your own needs? Do you feel overwhelmed with your emotions or with all of the things pulling you in multiple directions? Do you struggle with balancing work, family, friends, health, etc? Do you feel pressure to perform in certain ways in these areas of your life? Do you feel alone or stuck? Are you working through past traumas or dealing with anxiety or depression?

I provide online counseling and consulting services that are convenient, simple, and comfortable for busy women who work hard to balance life and seek easier ways to get the support and help they desire.

Women work so hard to do it all, to balance it all, and to even make it look easy. But I know it’s hard. Life is full of challenges and transitions that can be overwhelming and cause very challenging emotional responses that can take over and cause great amounts of stress. I am here to help. These struggles are normal and common. Negative thoughts and feelings can be incredibly challenging to navigate on your own. And there is so much on the line…your health, your relationships with others that so often take the back burner, your job, your future. You can get stuck in a place that feels overwhelming, hopeless, and truly not how you want life to be.

I help people move from feeling isolated in these experiences to a place of hope and comfort and feeling BETTER through counseling. Life’s challenges and stressors do not have to take over. You can live a life with greater ease no matter your experiences.

Your dream is to feel hopeful. To relax. To feel heard and understood. To stop reliving your traumas, worries and fears over and over and over. To learn how to re-frame your thoughts and feelings in a way that brings greater positive energy to your life and help your mind feel calm.  I can help get you there.

Through online counseling, I want to support you as you walk through the hard times in life and increase your happiness and skills in handling your stress. If you feel alone or stuck, I want to help you feel supported and empowered to make changes that are right for you. I am here to walk with you as you work on your relationships bringing greater meaning to them and greater reward for you. I will help you work towards greater balance and build strong self-care.

Together, we can find ways to respond to your challenges and make a plan to make positive changes as well as find peace and comfort along the way.

And it’s easier since it’s online! No traffic, no parking, no waiting room…grab your coffee and take only the time out of your schedule that is meaningful.

For women whose time is precious.

Want to find out if AHW Counseling and Consulting is right for you? Message me OR schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation here.