Chronic Illness

Are you dealing with a chronic illness? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you have multiple medical appointments and specialists to balance? Have you experienced medical trauma? Do you care for a loved one or friend dealing with these challenges?

Chronic illness and medical trauma is one of my specializations. Whether you are dealing with medical illness, chronic pain, anxiety about your future health, or you are supporting a loved one dealing with these challenges, these experiences and your thoughts and feelings may be overwhelming to you.

Dealing with illness, whether your own or someone you care for can:

  • Be overwhelming
  • Cause depression
  • Leave you with feelings of hopelessness
  • Create anxious feelings
  • Bring up feelings of loss of control
  • Cause grief
  • Lead to scary unknowns about the future
  • Often be a non-stop fight for your health

This is normal. These are all completely normal feelings and experiences but can certainly become too much to manage on your own. The good news is, having an experienced and skilled therapist to walk with you through these feelings can be extremely helpful. Therapy is a great way to feel support and find positive ways to deal with these challenging feelings.

What can be done?

There are many things we can do to help address the challenges of living with a chronic illness. I have worked with individuals dealing with healthcare experiences for over 13 years. There is hope. Therapy is very effective for people with chronic illness and those caring for loved ones with chronic illness. People find emotional healing through processing, learning new coping skills, practicing techniques to help promote calm positive thoughts, and engaging in strategies that empower you to live the fullest life possible.  

I have actual experience in the healthcare field. From chronic illness to unexpected injury to major medical complexities, I’ve worked with hundreds of people dealing with these experiences as well as their families. I have a great deal of experience working on interdisciplinary medical teams, with a variety of medical professionals. I am trained in helping individuals advocate for their needs and wishes so that the care they receive is patient and family centered, with a strong emphasis on the patient experience. I also use EMDR as a technique that has been very effective in helping address challenges of dealing with illness and trauma.

And, I provide counseling online so that it’s convenient and easy for you. This way it’s not one more appointment where you have to find a time to get away, sit through traffic, and be in an unfamiliar place. You are free to stay in your home, office, or wherever you are most comfortable. Online counseling can take what feels like an impossibility and make it a very easy and a real possibility. Learn more about online counseling.

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