Online Counseling

Online Counseling

Online counseling is psychotherapy that occurs between a licensed counselor and a client online through video rather than at an office. I choose to use online counseling to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to getting the support you need.

What will You need?

Online counseling is simple and stress free. All you need to do is find a quiet, comfortable, and private space. You’ll need internet access and a tablet or computer with a webcam. We will both sign on to a safe, confidential online video conferencing system to meet for your private counseling session. Nothing is recorded, privacy and confidentiality are extremely important in counseling and this is maintained in online counseling.

What’s the difference between online counseling and in person counseling?

There really isn’t much difference other than we won’t be sitting in an office together. However, there are some major advantages.

o   It’s convenient—you don’t have to drive anywhere, fight traffic, or sit in a public waiting room.

o   It’s simple—as easy as using video conferencing. You need one thing easy!

o   It’s comfortable—settle into your ideal, most relaxed spot, in your own home, at work, or wherever is best for you….you deserve to be comfortable!

The software I utilize for online therapy is called, Simple Practice. With its innovative telemedicine solutions, I am able to deliver high-quality therapy to clients over a secure video chat, connecting with individuals on their own schedules and from their choice of location. This means the convenience of getting the support you need without having to venture out to my office, spend time in another public waiting room, and then making the commute home.

Is Online Counseling safe and effective?  

Online therapy has taken off in the counseling world. In fact, legislative and professional groups have had to hurry to catch up to ensure ethical and legal guidelines are in place to support online counseling. It is so well supported now that many insurance companies are working to provide several reimbursement options for online counseling.

There are many supportive research studies, which confirm the effectiveness of doing therapy online. Click here to check out some of the most up-to-date research on online therapy. In addition, you can feel confident that your privacy is of great importance. All communications in online therapy are secure and encrypted and utilize only the most sophisticated and modern, best practices available which are all HIPPA compliant, meaning confidential and protecting of you and your information.