Hi, I am Anne Claire

Finding the right therapist for you is really important. It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and that you can connect with your therapist.

Online counseling is for people who are busy balancing their lives and looking for a simple way to get support. I work with individuals, couples, and families struggling with life’s challenges, depression, anxiety and trauma, and chronic illness/medical trauma who want to enhance meaningful relationships and build strong self care.

As a counselor I am authentic, engaging and compassionate. I provide a calm and safe space to connect and build therapeutic relationships. The importance of healing through connection instead of isolation is an important belief for me and I recognize the power of bringing hope to people who are hurting. Working with people to help develop insight and recognition of strengths that contribute to the healing process is a key interest of mine.

I know for certain that life can get easier with optimal mental health no matter what the circumstances. It’s an investment in YOU that ends up actually saving you lots of time and distress.

What makes me different…

As your therapist, I will make therapy convenient and simple. I believe in simplifying and I understand how hard and busy life is for those that I work with which is why I provide counseling online. To imagine one more appointment to get to, to sit in traffic for, to leave work for, to leave home for, to get a sitter for can be way too overwhelming.

Imagine not having to drive anywhere, being where you want to be for counseling whether it’s on your couch with your dog or during your lunch hour at work, online counseling is extremely convenient and time saving. For people whose time is precious!

As your therapist, I will be an active member of your team. I will join you in your personal journey. I will be present with you and your hurt. I will be an active voice with you for your healing.

As your therapist, I will not judge you. I believe in an unconditional positive view as a therapist for all people. Judgement can impair curiosity, and I believe curiosity is really important to counseling. I will not judge you or your life’s circumstances and I will encourage you do the same for yourself.

As your therapist, I believe in being person centered, meaning I focus on you. I let you lead the way. I believe you are an expert on you and your life experiences. Together we can find ways to change your life that feel good to you and work for you.

As your therapist, I want you to find comfort, change, new possibilities, hope, and restoration.

More about me for those of you that want the resume kind of facts…

My experience. From general life stress and worry, to relationship challenges, and childhood trauma, to parenting challenges, to chronic illness, I’ve worked with hundreds of people dealing with these experiences as well as their families. I bring over 13 years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults, helping them find practical and meaningful ways to deal with challenging life experiences. I’ve worked in a hospital setting with a focus on intensive care and palliative care. My experience includes working in a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic as the manager of patient and family services. In the clinic setting, I have provided counseling to parents of children both healthy and children with medical complexity, support to siblings who have a brother or sister with special needs, and groups to bring connection to those with shared experiences.

My education. My undergraduate degree is in Human Development and Family Sciences and I have a Masters in Counseling. In addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am also a Certified Child Life Specialist. I have presented to professional audiences at multiple state and national conferences on a variety of topics relevant to therapeutic relationships and modalities. I am certified in Triple P, a positive parenting program. I am trained in EMDR. I have facilitated groups for children and families to strengthen family relationships.

My techniques. During our sessions I will pull from mindfulness techniques, narrative therapy, family systems, trauma support modalities, EMDR, psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. These frameworks will help us find the best approaches that will work for you.

Please feel free to contact me here. Look forward to hearing from you!