Parent & Relationship Coaching

Do you struggle with parenting? Do you sometimes feel exhausted, impatient, or even dread when you interact with your kids? Are you stuck in unhealthy or complicated relationship patterns? Are you conflicted in your relationship with your partner or with friends,family, or colleagues? Do you feel disconnection or loneliness in your relationships? Has communication in relationships become overwhelming or challenging?

You are not alone! Everyone wants a fulfilling life with meaningful relationships. However we know that life is complicated and messy. Challenges and obstacles can get in the way. The value of therapy is that it helps us through the messiness. Therapy provides a means to examine and explore your life and who you are which in turn can help with your relationships.

This has certainly been my experience. I don’t claim to have all of the answers but it’s been my good fortune to have benefited from the wisdom, experience, and expertise of others. I believe that engaging in therapy is the act of a healthy, courageous person. Life can be hard and healing often comes from connection, self-reflection, and a desire to make things better.

I do however have skills and techniques to offer regarding parent challenges, children with behavior issues, typical child development concerns, and ways of engaging with your children that are extremely worthwhile. I provide parent coaching to build lasting positive relationships with children.

Parent child relationships are critical and being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. I like to help adults learn the difference between the developed adult brain and the still developing child brain. They are indeed different! As adults it’s easy for us to expect developed brains out of our kids and it’s simply not possible. However, there are really simple ways to adapt how we engage with kids to help them grow and develop into kind, responsible, loving individuals who, because of YOUR parenting, know how to engage in healthy relationships.

Through relationship coaching, I work with people who desire meaningful and positive partner, personal, and professional relationships. People are truly wired for connection and relationship. It’s a part of how our brains work in that we need connection. There is no greater gift to your self than enhancing your relationships. At times there is work to be done on habitual relationship patterns or ways of engaging that may go all the way back to childhood. Together we can work on these habits and find new ways of engaging, setting helpful boundaries, and spending your time on relationships that bring joy and meaning.

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