Who I Work With



Life is busy and can be complicated and messy. I support women who are working hard to balance all of life’s many parts. Family, friends, partners, work, home life, and your health. You probably don’t remember the last time you took care of YOU. Yet, it’s critical that you find balance, self-care, and the support you desire.


Parent & Relationship Coaching

I provide parent coaching to build lasting positive relationships with children. I  work with people who desire meaningful partner, personal, and professional relationships. People are wired for connection and relationship. There is no greater gift to your self than enhancing your relationships. 


Trauma & Anxiety

An unfortunate reality today is that many people have experienced some type of trauma, deal with anxiety, or even fight depression. I help people, like you, who are dealing with challenging life experiences work through negative thoughts and feelings, depression and anxiety, and trauma so that you can start living less stressful and more productive lives. I want you to live a life where you feel empowered and able to manage your circumstances.


Chronic Illness

Whether you are dealing with chronic illness, medical trauma, anxiety about your future health, or you are supporting a  loved one dealing with these challenges, these experiences can be overwhelming. You can find emotional healing through processing, learning new coping skills, practicing techniques to help promote calm positive thoughts, and engaging in strategies that empower you to live the fullest life possible.